My Super Affiliate Mentor – Is It Another Scam?

My Super Affiliate Mentor can be described as a training program that helps individuals to make a significant amount of money online.

It promises people that they will generate $100,000 in just 90 days by simply spending 20 minutes every day on a laptop. It teaches people how to generate money through affiliate marketing i.e. promoting products online and being paid for every sale that is generated when people click on promotions.

In addition, the training program provides users with access to done for you profitable business models. The official website is This program was designed to refer individuals to The Super Affiliate Network.

For this review we have consulted a number of review blogs and to be honest they were all fake reviews, the only review we found that was valuable was’s review of My Super Affiliate Mentor so credit to them for aiding us in putting together this review.

How It Works

My Super Affiliate Mentor is similar to Digital Altitude and MOBE i.e. affiliate marketing. This means that people learn how to generate money and then make money through selling the making money training program to other people.

A woman called Tanya Christiansen narrates the sales video. The program works as a pay to play product thus people have to purchase the products in the product in order to make money.

People who decide to participate in this affiliate program are expected to refer people to their official website. Commissions are then earned from the products that are bought.

One cannot make money unless they are selling their own products. The training products are digital thus users can resell them repeatedly.

There is a one-to-one coaching that are assigned to users, the coaches are meant to help users.

The program educates people to promote the Super Affiliate Network to other people through email marketing and Solo Ads. You can also see other methods of making money online in this article.

Every lesson has a password and it can only be obtained from the coach. The site is a combination of a boot camp training course i.e. The Profit Boosting Bootcamp and webinars.


My Super Affiliate Mentor has a base level membership that costs $37 every month. After paying this fee, users get access to the system. However, it should be noted that users do not get access go everything before upgrades. The yearly membership is $297.

It is not compulsory for users to upgrade but one cannot earn commissions on any level that is above him/her. There is a $1 trial that lasts for 30 days. In fact, users can earn up to $3000 commissions from just one sale.


There are four different memberships in The Super Affiliate Network that My Super Affiliate Mentor promotes, these are Basic Membership, Annual Membership, Plus Membership and VIP Membership. These memberships differ in terms of commissions earned for every sale.

Apart from the memberships above, other products of My Super Affiliate Mentor are Solo Ads Success Formula and Push Button Swipe File.


The following are the benefits of My Super Affiliate Mentor program:

Free trial – This costs just $1and lasts for 30 days. It does not allow users to access all training materials as well as groups. However, it allows a user to view exactly what is in store for them upon attaining full membership.

Quality training – My Super Affiliate Mentor program has training material of very high standard. The videos are in-depth and easy to follow. The videos lay emphasis on the promotion of high-ticket products in your capacity as an affiliate marketer.

Regular webinars – The member’s area has regular webinars that are full of value and quite interesting. The video training is limited and this is what makes webinars are an ideal reason to maintain membership.


The program has a few limitations, the notable ones are as follows:

Many up-sells – The product has too many up-sells that are very expensive. Watching videos can be very frustrating with several offers attempting to capture your attention.
Accessing videos – There are videos that need passwords that are only known by coaches. This is a bit frustrating especially after paying for full membership. It is not logical for some videos to be locked.

Making a website – Users are not taught how to build a website or how to attract some organic traffic.


The program is legitimate and is an ideal opportunity for interested people to learn affiliate marketing as well as earning money through promoting the product. It should be noted that users have to promote the program in order to make money and this requires a lot of work.

My super Affiliate Mentor is a good program because it has a 30-day refund policy that is characterized by no questions so you can feel free to get involved but you do need to be aware of the programs costs.

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