Scams To Avoid With Internet Marketing Programs

Internet marketing is a legitimate industry. However, there are many internet marketing scams that we’ve seen many people fall prey to.

Nothing is more painful than joining a scam affiliate network and realizing that instead of making money, you are digging into your savings.

Most of the scam affiliate take advantage of online marketing methods like organic Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, banner advertising and pay-per-click marketing to steal from individuals.

This often happens to newbies leaving a bad taste of online marketing in their mouths.

Scammers often hide behind their laptop, probably with a cup of coffee, creating fictitious identities and strategizing ways to fool people locally and across borders. Check these six online marketing scams you need to avoid.

Phony Marketing

Phony Marketing is a commonly used scam for marketing of fake training and courses. Every business wants to get that extra step over its competitor in marketing, telemarketing advertising, writing, etc. that’s where Phony Marketer steps come in with courses often offered through eBooks, CDC webinars, seminars, DVDs or even live demonstration. The online scam claim that once you’ve completed their awesomely amazing course you are on your way to becoming filthy rich.

They ensure that they play it smoothly by sending you useless and irrelevant books or items like calendar, pens, T-shirts, and other junks in exchange for your money. However, when the item is delivered, it is usually a rehash of something that is available online.

Domain Name Scam

Domain Name is a widespread scam that has been doing rounds for a couple of years. For example, you own a domain You will receive an email (likely from China) informing you that someone from China is trying to register your domain name ( They will email you out of concern since they notice you’re the one owning that domain and they are interested in protecting your trademark in China.

In case you fall into their simple trick, they will tell you that since you are the original owner of that particular domain, they will give you preference.

Therefore, you will have to register with them again. So they will wrap up their deal by sending you a price list and make money from you by making you buy a domain name that you didn’t even need. Therefore, you need to keep guard on random emails concerning your domain name.

Fake or no product or services

Generally, in internet marketing, markets make money by promoting or advertising a product or service from other companies. Most often, online scammers make up a product or service using prominent enterprises making them hard to spot.

Scammers sometimes become very thorough and can go to the extent of creating a portfolio of the product or services that appear to be hyper legit.

They also go to great length of using fancy infographics and advertise their pyramid using a hired phony spokespeople who acts as their referees.

A vast number of the so-called marketers use this pyramid scheme. On registration, they ask you to pay a small cash to join their company with promises of the high rate of return on your investment within two or three weeks.

It is just a plot to lure you into their trap! Throughout the entire process, the only beneficiary is the scammers. And these can go on until things fall apart on your doorstep. Often, these scammers disappear with your funds before you even figure out what’s going on.

Paid membership programs

Another and prevalent online marketing scam is people joining a program that requires payment for membership. In reality, the majority of legitimate online marketing programs are free to join. Therefore the fact that someone asks to pay for an affiliate marketing membership should raise a red flag. Most of the paid-to-join links are nothing more pyramid scheme. Authentic internet marketing should be risk-free for affiliates. If you are asked to pay for membership, then it’s likely an illegal multi-level marketing scheme.

Get-Rich-Quick schemes

No matter how broke or desperate you are, get-rich-quick scams are cons until they happen to you. The reason why internet marketing gets a bad image is due to the idea of get-rich quickly offers everywhere. They promise you to give you thousands of dollars overnight or go an extent of luring you to work two hours a week every day and have a $10,000 in your bank account.

Once you’ve sent your $100 (or whatever subscription amount), you only thing you will end up with is a dent in your bank account. Therefore, if you hear someone saying that he/she has the secrete of making $5000 after working for a few hours, it is a scam!

Legitimate online marketing requires a specified period to learn to make money from it, and it can’t happen overnight. You need to create a clear strategy and proper implementation to earn from legitimate online marketers.

Get a book for free, only pay the shipping cost

Many people have interacted with such offers on the internet. Therefore, if you believe the proposals are genuine, then you’ll have to rethink since such schemes have been revolving the internet market for a couple of years. Is it possible for someone to make tremendous efforts to write a book, spend his/her funds to publish it and then give it away for free? It doesn’t make sense at all.

The scam company will create a set up so that the book gets an impression of being a top seller despite the fact that they are giving it for free. The idea behind selling a book for free’ lies on the shipping cost.

The shipping cost is strategized so that the buyer covers the right price of the book. Such marketing scammers will use your shipping information to provide all kinds of their fake offers. Sometimes, such books often contain promotional offers too.


The internet has recently become the most powerful tool in marketing. Therefore it is essential for you to remain vigilant when investing in internet marketing.

This is because you will come across a lot of glittering and charming easy ways to make money. But as it is said, all that glitters is not gold.’ If some deal is too good to be true, then you are better of being suspicious than investing.

There are hundreds of legitimate online marketing programs that you can make money as an affiliate.